COVID-19 Dental Protocol

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The Provincial Health Authority has further eased restrictions to allow Phase 3 dental treatment; this includes routine dental care and hygiene maintenance congruent with the COVID-19 dental practice protocols outlined by the Provincial Dental Board of NS and approved by the Provicial Health Authority. 

For the safety of both our patients and staff, strict adherence to the protocols will be maintained until phase 3 restrictions have been lifted. 


Prescreening for COVID-19 signs and symptoms as well as collecting recent travel information will be completed upon scheduling your appointment and then repeated at the time of your appointment. Entry into the office will not be permitted until screening has been completed, including acquisition of temperature. Should the information collected result in screening failure, your appointment will be cancelled and rescheduled at an appropriate time and/or following confirmation of a COVID-19 negative status.

You will be asked to wear a mask to your appointment and we request you do not remove your mask unless directed to do so. Please come to your appointment alone. Only patients requiring special assistance and/or a guardian are permitted to have someone accompany them to their appointment. The individual accompanying the patient must also be prescreened prior to the appointment. 

The door will be locked when you arrive as walk-in patients are not permitted (i.e. you must have a pre-scheduled appointment to gain entry to the office). Please do not attempt to open the door. Please arrive no earlier than 15min prior to your scheduled appointment time to allow us to best control and maintain social distancing. When you arrive, please call or text (902) 249-0004 to let us know you have arrived. One of our staff will then greet you outside the office where screening will be completed. Please do not arrive late to your appointment. This will prevent the possible need to reschedule your treatment and short notice cancellation fees.

To improve the efficiency of your appointment, please be sure to complete any documents prior to your appointment, such as new patient exam forms and comprehensive health history forms. Should these documents not be completed in advance it will greatly reduce the amount of time available to complete your planned treatment. Our staff will inform you of any such forms upon scheduling your appointment so you can make arrangements to complete the forms in advance (preferably digital format). 

You will notice a dramatic increase in the level of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) worn by staff within the office. At no time during your appointment will this PPE be removed. Please do not be alarmed by our appearance - we assure you we are always smiling behind the masks!

A surcharge to cover the Phase 3 protocols will be applied to every appointment and will be subject to change along with the protocols imposed by the Provincial Health Authority and PDBNS. In accordance with the Provincial Health Authority, the preferred method of payment is debit/credit or E payment; cash and cheque is to be avoided whenever possible. 

Prior to beginning any treatment, a COVID-19 informed consent, supplied by the PDBNS, must be completed. 

If you have any questions regarding the Phase 3 protocols, please feel free to contact our office at (902) 245-3535 or the PDBNS at

NOTE: if you are experiencing difficulty breathing, fever, new or worsening cough and have not been tested for COVID-19, please proceed to:

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